Eppu & Tessu 1/5: Wake up
Eppu has been in a restaurant the night before, and it sounds horrible to hear the wake up song that Tessu selected for this morning. It is a bombastic trumpet piece, to make sure he would wake up. "Why did I let him do this to me", he groans half asleep, but knows he will not reprogram the pet. Without trumpets he would not wake up. 

He pats Tessu, who is standing beside his bed. "Ok, ok, I'll wake up", he says. "Wuf", Tessu answers and wags his tail. "Must be important news", Eppu thinks himself, because he starts to realize something worth big news must have happened during the night and the guys at the office need him, otherwise Tessu would not have woken him up this way. "It's only 7:40! And I have this headache again..." 

Anyway, he must go to toilet and have a shower before he wants to hear the details. In the bathroom he has also the headache pills. When he stands up, the music volume goes down considerably.

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Author Virpi Roto