People involved, researchers, students, and collaborators.
There has been more than 40 people collaborating in this community in many different ways, and degrees of involvement.


Kari-Hans Kommonen ||

Project leader, software designer.

Maria Koskijoki ||

M. K. has specialized on anthropology of consumption: why, what and how do we possess and use things? In FMH she has been also contributed to applying qualitative methodologies to design research. Previous themes of interest contain collecting, home as personal material construction and memories contained in material objects. She is a doctoral student at the Department of Cultural Anthropology, University of Helsinki, and her forthcoming PhD thesis deals with material culture of personal possessions.
A list of publications and additional information here.
Projects 100homes, Asumisen arki ja unelmat.

Katja Oksanen-Särelä ||

MA in sociology and researcher in FMH-project. In this project I've been researching technological visions of the future from the users point of view as well as peoples' everyday life with technologies, expectations and fears about future technology. I am interested in social aspects of technology - shaping and use of technology, everyday life and consumption. A list of publications and additional information here.
Projects Kaupunki, Arkipäivän Kartta, User of the Future -a manual-. Asumisen arki ja unelmat. Elämää teknologian kanssa

Hanna Holm ||

MA in sociology and research assistant in FMH-project. Interested in the influental
use of media and influencing in general & media of margin groups (local&global)
and citizen activism in general.
Projects Corpus of 100homes, Arkipäivän Kartta, Kaupunki, KotiMedia kioski, Influencing

Matti Arvilommi ||

Architect and freelancer graphic designer. My role in the FMH is in visualization and graphical interfases to make the FMH materials more available

iina Oilinki ||

Andrea Botero Cabrera ||

MA Industrial Designer, I joined the FMH project while I was doing my MA studies. I recently returned to start my doctoral studies here in the Media lab. My interest are in design and participation (specialy with children) and in digital things in general. More info in my Uiah web pages.
Projects MA project sandbox , Carpediem. Cyborg or godess?

Raimo Lång

Film and TV director. Researcher in FMH until spring 2000
Projects Kaupunki., Creative city.


Pirkka Åman (1996-1998) | Roope Mokka (1997- 1998)

Projects AudioFuturo, Scenarium

Mika Pantzar

Collaboration with FMH, the project has given support for the writing of the book: "Tulevaisuuden koti"
The User of the Future - A manual


Pirjo Vainio

until september 2000

Tuire Karkinen

In the FMH I work as a research assistant, helping and advising transcribers and other research assistants while coordinating the transcriptions. My interests are computers, art and biology.


2000 - 2001

Sven Inge Bråten

Exchange student (Ind. design) a project around sharing media. sven pages can be found here.

Kiia Kallio | Markus Norrena | Riikka Puustinen | M. Koray Tahiroglu |

The last group involved with FMH, their backgrounds range from computer science, system engineering, graphic and media design and architecture. They work on a concept for a network of trust, and an application for it called can-go, a network for sharing transportation.

1999 - 2000

Cilla Lönnqvist

MA in new media (UIAH) Themes: physical space, virtual space, time and space in media, life management, visualization, perception, behavior in new media
Projects: Cilla's report diary and Turisti

Teriina Lindblom

enrolled in the MA in new media (UIAH) and Marketing of services (Swedish school of B Adm). Themes ubiquitous environment, digital dimension of everyday life, agents, multiperspective
Projects: Helmi, Nonformation, Turisti, Siru, Girls Friendship, Mirror+ Doing MA project

Markku Lappalainen

enrolled in the MA in new media (UIAH). Themes science fiction, futurism, posthumanism, information, postmodern culture
Projects: working with Visions of the Future in Postmodern Science Fiction

Marjaana Laakkonen

enrolled in the MA in new media (UIAH) Political History (U of Turku). Themes interactive documentary, personal media, interactive narration
Projects Nappi, Girls Friendship. Doing MA project for FMH "made in Hima" self-made media.,

Mika Ilari Koskinen

enrolled in the MS in Architecture (HUT). Themes human, touch, environment, digital, ubiquitous, multidimensional, illusion, interface, freedom, power, informaation visualisointi
Projects Nonformation space, Siru, Truth expander. doing MA project: Ihminen ja multidimensional environment

Tuomas Karttunen

enrolled in the MA in Graphic design (UIAH) Themes interfaces, 3d environments, filtering, anonimity, customizable VR universes
Projects Reality layers. doing MA project:

Mervi Alaluusua

MA in Interior design (UIAH) Themes physical space, home, spatial organization, virtual space, personal interface, spatial interface
Projects Siella sun tällä. MA project Keskipistessa (in the focus)

Kaisa Pekari

enrolled in the Mb (Copenhagen Business School/Denmark) Themes influencing, prosumer
Projects Siru and Skeneratori

Antti Ellonen

MA in Environmental Managment (U of Jyväskylä ) Themes sustainability, ecology, interfases
Projects MA project Consumeter and Skeneratori

Justus Hyvärinen

enrolled in the MA in New media
Projects Skeneraattori

1998 - 1999

Andrea Botero | Marjaana Laakkonen | Mervi Alaluusua | Teriina Lindblom | Mika Ilari Koskinen | Tuomas Karttunen | Kaisa Pekari | Antti Ellonen |


Liisa Ilomäki

Educational sciences (PHD student) Themes: learning, agents, users
Projects Siellä sun tällä


enrolled in the MS in engeeniering (NUST Trondheim/Norway) Themes digital me, VR,
Projects KaseiVallis and sea of thoughts

Simon Pertschy

enrolled in the Industrial Design program (Burg Giebichenstein Halle /Germany) Themes interactivity, design for children, special needs
Projects Muistopallo

Tomas Westerholm

enrolled in Architecture studies (HUT) Themes 3d interfases, visualization, wearables
Projects Added Reality

Harri Myllyniemi

enrolled in the Cultural antropology program at HU Themes diaspora, social networks with-through technology, society-culture relation with new media, virtual communities
Projects Siellä sun tällä and Diaspora

Petri Saarikko

enrolled in the MA in New media (UIAH) Themes information design, memory
Projects Nappi

Jari Tenhunen

enrolled in the Film department (UIAH) Themes. interactive documentary
Projects Nappi

1997 FMH 97

Franziska Holzmann | Ina von Rumohr | Jana Rupprecht | Jens-Oliver Gasde |

Leikkiworld (visit the FMH97 pages)

Kimmo Kari | Tarja Kaskela | Virpi Kunttu | Virpi Roto | Mika Särkioja |

Remote control (visit the FMH97 pages)

Petri Saarikko |Teemu Savolainen | Marjaana Laakkonen | Miina Kaupinen |

Talking to your self (visit the FMH97 pages)

Sini Sopo | Justus Hyvärinen | Jens Wilke |

Nonsport (visit the FMH97 pages)

Marko Rossow

enrolled in the MA in Industrial Design
Projects: MA project Media on the Move


Timo Arola | Pirkka Åman | Jokke Rinne | Heikki Siltanen |

Summer job