The project was carried out in 1996-1997 by the students of Media Lab and the Department of Industrial Design of the Universityof Art and Design in Helsinki, Finland.

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100homes project explores the conceptual and practical complexities in everyday life trough interviews, videos and still-images. It's initial and primary focus is on the user-consumer interface.

The exact conception of the project was to:

1) learn about field research and qualitative methods
2) collect data for design and research
3) explore the use of new media

100homes enables an audiovisual visit to 45 carefully documented finnish homes and therefore it offers context for both design and research uses.

Materially 100homes is:
- hundreds of still-photos
- some tens of QTVR panoramas
- 48 interviews (also in audio or video)

The material has now been turned into a exploratory database of qualitative data, 100Homes corpus.

100homes (100kotia) corpus can be used for research purposes, for more information and to gain acces priviledge, please send a mail to Maria Koskijoki:

>> TO THE 100Homes CORPUS

Most of the materials are in finish.

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