At home today, tomorrow

Project-related presentations and publications:

Digitalization in the context of a rental apartment: "At home today and tomorrow" -project
Koskijoki, M.
ESA 5th Congress of the European Sociology Asociation
Helsinki, 29.8.2001

- Asumisen arki ja unelmat. Koskijoki M; Kommonen K; Oksanen-Särelä K; Oilinki I; Arvilomi M; Holm H. Printed publication of the final report
VVO concerni, Taideteollinen Korkeakoulu (Media Lab), Future Media Home research group

- Asumisen arki ja unelmat -tutkimushankkeen esittely Presentation at:
Tulevaisuuden VVO-palvelut workshop Helsinki, 17.1.2001

- Kuinka teknologiasta ja tulevaisuudesta voidaan puhua?
- hahmottelua ASUMISEN ARKI JA UNELMAT-projektin kautta. Oksanen-Särelä Katja.
Presentation at:
Teknologian kulttuurinen ja yhteiskunnallinen tutkimus -seminaari Kuluttajatutkimuskeskus Helsinki, 7.3.2001

- How to talk about possible futures? At home, today tomorrow.
Botero A, Oksänen-Särelä K, Kommonen K, Koskijoki M
In: Oikos 2001- Methodological Issues in the Design of Household technologies. Univ of Århaus, Denmark

- "Yleiskaavasuunnittelun haasteet - toimivaa asuinaluetta etsimässä". Tulevaisuuden asuinalue ja sen palvelut
Koskijoki M. Helsingin kaupunkisuunnitteluviraston yleiskaavatoimiston ja Helsingin
kaupunginosayhdistysten liitto HELKA ry:n seminaarissa
Helsinki, 7.5.2001

-"Dreams and reality of living" Oillinki I. Presentation at: Dreaming for the Future Conference. Future Home Institute UIAH. Helsinki

- Asumisen arki ja unelmat projektin julkistamistilaisuus. Samposalissa (Lume-keskuksessa UIAH)

- Asukasnäkökulmä digitaaliseen tulevaisuuteen?- Koskijoki M, Oilinki I, Oksanen- Särelä K.
Presentation at:
Asumistutkimuksen päivät - Asuminen kaupungissa, kaupunki asumisessa Helsinki, 10.11.2000

- Kuka pelkää koneita?
Article by Hannele Jäämeri in Suomen Kuvalehti.
2001:1, pp. 90-97

The interactive version of the final report is also available (only in Finish) - requires flash5 plug in

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"At home today and tomorrow" is a project conducted by Future Media Home research group at the Media lab department of the University of Art and Design , Helsinki (UIAH) in collaboration with VVO, a Finnish limited company providing housing services.

The interactive version of the final report is now available in Finnish
(requires flash5 plugin).

The aims of the project were:

    1) To learn about VVO tenants' opinions and expectations on the potential of future digital media technology

    2) To study the possibilities of discussing and evaluating scenarios and not yet stabilised technologies

    3) To pave way for enabling people to discuss the design of future technologies in the home setting

The project consisted of a background study charting the current housing culture of the VVO sites. Based on this background study and previous FMH research a set of twelve contextualized scenarios was constructed. In thirty qualitative semi-structured theme interviews these scenarios were discussed with VVO residents.

The interviewees were aged 25-68, and most of them were currently in working life. They came from various backgrounds regarding family relations as well as professional status.

The general goal of the study was to test the research methods and tools as well as the research setting. The main challenge in methods was to make people think about the future in a way which could support the design of future things. Content-wise, the goal was to explain VVO tenants’ wishes and needs connected to living and housing, especially concerning interests to which information technology could provide some kind of solution.

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Maria Koskijoki, Katja Oksanen-Särelä, Iina Oilinki, .
Hanna Holm, Matti Arvilommi, Kari-Hans Kommonen