Scenario: klub universal

It's Saturday night in mid-winter Helsinki. I would just love to go out clubbing because the weather doesn't allow to spent the night outdoors. But, I've done the clubs of Helsinki many times and I'm dead bored with them. Always the same djs, always the same crowd. So, I decide to call some friends to come over and we go 'clubbing' to London, Toronto, Barcelona, wherever. This is done by 'klub universal', which is an intelligent media application brainstormed in FMH.

I connect my pda to the Net and check out the clubs and djs who are playing in 'klub universal' tonight. When we've discussed the clubs we'd like to go tonight, I send an order to the 'master dj' who is organizing tonight's klub universal. There's a limitation to virtual clubbers, so the best clubs are always crowdy. After paying the admittance electronically we spread my two wall-size 3D screen-sheets and connect the sound system to the Net, and hit the party.

How does it work for the actors?

In the subcultures street-credibility and respectance, not money, are the valid measurements of prestige. Alternative to paying for the admittance: Wanna-be virtual clubbers send their own content, av-remixes, demos, etc. People in the clubs see & hear the demos on the screen and djs choose those who are let in.


Added value for 'virtual clubbers':

1) up-to-the minute information of what's going on

2) musical experience & enjoyment

3) participation ie. sociability

4) prestige within the scene


Added-value for the clubs:

1) interesting content in the form of demos & remixes

2) prestige


Analogical scenarios: live sport experience, eg. ice hockey, F1 etc.