Scenario: Getting There

George is a birdspotter peacefully enjoying the day while observing life of a seagull community in Suomenlinna island. Suddenly he gets a call from a colleague:

"Hi Georg, it is a great day for all of us! A rare bird's been spotted at Lake Töölö. It's a blue flamingo"

Being ecologically aware, Georg doesn't have a car, so he must get public transportation to Lake Töölö a.s.a.p.

He speaks to his AudioFuturo mobile:

"Connect to Getting There.

"alright, where do you want to get and how?"

"Give me the fastest route and the ecological route to Lake Töölö"

"The fastest route is: takethe communal windsurfer to kauppatori. take a tram number 5 D from the Kauppatori along mannerheikinstrasse and jump off on the Finlandia house stop. You will see Lake Töölö there.

The Ecological route is: rent a rowingboat from Suomenlinna quay and follow my directions if you desire to walk there. The trip will last approximately 2 hours. Remember to keep an eye on those big cruisers"

Georg is satisfied: He gets to Lake Töölö and shoots some video of extremely rare giant blue flamingo:

"The Getting There service saved my day again!

Dramatized audio version:

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