Scenario: SongDex

Leopold is sitting in a dark bar downtown Barcelona, Spain. He hears a tune which reminds him of a love affair long gone. He moves almost into tears as he hears the words "........" but cannot recall neither who the hell the performer is nor the name of the song. So, he calls to Audiofuturo service called Songdex, which is designed just for these kinds of situations, when you hear a tune that sounds so familiar, but you just can't recall...

"What is this song playing "........." I think the lyrics go somehow like this: "look at us today, we aint nothing nice to say, we throw our hands up in the air, expecting a miracle..."

Soon he receives a message:

"That tune is Love Music by Sergio Mendes and Brazil 77."

Leopold takes a sip of his drink and feels relieved, yes it was those days in late 70s in Catalonya when the sun was brighter, the drinks longer and the skirts shorter...

Dramatized audio version:

kommentteja (in Finnish)