Scenario: Customized Audio News (CAN)

When I wake up I wanna know if anything important has happened while I've been asleep. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to read all the papers and magazines, to concentrate on watching audiovisual news, wait for the hourly radio news to come and so on. Even though I'd have the time for all this I rarely find anything totally interesting or fundamentally relevant to my life in these mass media. I want these services to be in audio format so that I can go through my morning routines without being tied to a certain place, like in front of a computer or a newspaper. Searching for information straight after waking up does not seem like a good idea either. Thats why I want it to be ready collected for me like in good old fashion newspapers, only in a customized form.

So this is what I do: With a right kind of movement (I prefer wawing my hand above my head: looks silly but works) I start the flow of audio-information from PDA that has been downloading it since I used CAN last time: I have defined my special interest areas for my PDA so that it knows what kind of information to download for me: Nothing happened in the field of the economics of Japan, some scandals in Italian football league, more conspiracy theories thrown over Princess Diana's death, Machintosh is not going to put out G17 before next summer, the great latin singer Astrud Gilberto has died in New York... Luckily I have evauluated my interests as well: I don't really wanna know everything about Japanese economics. Only what the Japan specialized journalist I prefer to use evaluates as #1 (on the scale of 1-5). On the other hand I shoud really change him as a Japanese friend of mine recommended an alternative independent newsgathering group that has just started with a fresh point of view...

Dramatized audio version:

 kommentteja (in Finnish)

Lyhyt kuunnelma tulevaisuuden räätälöidyistä uutisista.

  • Päähenkilöt: työkaverit Pirkka, Roope.
  • tapahtumapaikka: Kipsari (+takauma bussipysäkille)
  • taustalle kipsarin mölyä (+bussipysäkin taustamölyä takauman taustalle

Pirkka: Hello, Roope I heard you've been standing on the bus stop every morning this week completely ignoring your fellow students. Roope! Roope! Those fucking new headphones. Too small to see Rooooopeeee!!!

Roope: oh, hello ma man, how is going? I was just concentrating on my new CAN-slave, wow she´s a babe! 

Pirkka: Ma-an stop talking that techno-mambo-jambo-bollocs. Everybody should be free! Ain't no babe should be yer slave! 

Roope: Calm down brother, this slave is a digital one. Yeah, can means that I can get all the news and topical info I want whenever I want wherever I want. Of course I need to teach it about my interests a bit. 

Pirkka: yeah...

Roope: All right, to put it simply this is how it goes. I put on my headphones take the controller of my Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) in my hand. by pressing the Customized Audio News button I start the flow of news downloaded just for me. This can happen anywhere, for example on a bus stop. It's so boring to just wait alone and then just sit on the bus alone. But my slave, she 's a babe...

  • takauman merkiksi pitkähkö kelaus ääni (zwirps!)
  • taustalla liikenteen melua.

Slave: Hello my master: your last login was 12 hours ago. Economics of Japan: Reuters tells that the rumors about abolition of the currency of Japan were Ill founded. The emperor tells that Japan does still exist on the financial level as well...

Roope: Aaaarghhh....boorriing


Slave: Johnny Cigarettes reports having seen Richey Manic dancing and singing with a batucada band in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Richey didn't answer to my communication attempts writes Cigarettes. nevertheless

(slave höpisee vielä taustalla)

Roope: Richey Manics where!?


Slave: Pop music: Johnny Cigarettes reports having seen Richey Manic dancing and singing with a batucada band in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Richey didn't answer to my communication attempts writes Cigarettes. Nevertheless, he had a Latin smile on his face and no scarves on his hands.

Roope: I want my slave to find me more about this.


Slave: More information about Richey Manic and Brazil will be looked for. Back to the news: Records: Back & White has just received huge amounts of super rare early 90's jungle, i.e. pre-drum'n'base hard core break beat -hip hop.

Roope: I'll have to check those out!


Slave: Reservation to Black and White send. Back to news: Football: Don-Juha Carlos-De Beavour has been seen eating kebab with...

Roope: oh bus is coming, bye, slave..

zip + bussin saapumisen mölyä.