Scenario: Identity Based News (IBN)

I'm a tax payer, single mother, lesbian and a samba dancer. I drive a car, live in Jyväskylä and work for the University. My PDA knows these things about me.

Now, as I'm driving to work, it tells me that the parliament is dicussing a bill concearning single mothers. I decide to do my share of direct democracy and dial "no" for the the bill to abolish special benefits for single mothers. There also "hears to be" a traffic jam on the route I usually take to work and therefore I have to take another route. And some previously super-rare Batucada recordings have been re-released. Wow, the soundbite sounds wicked! I dial "more" and samba rythms fill my car. Sounds so good that I decide to dial "buy" as well to get the permission to download the same in Hi-Fi.