Auditive Noticeboard

In the following there are various brief scenarios about Auditive Noticeboard, which means simply a service where diffrent kind of messages or other audio material can be stored. Auditive Noticeboard is thus a kind of updating archive or a mailbox for individual or collective use.

After the scenario-variations we will discuss the usability, potential problems and future parameters of the Auditive Noticeboard.

Scenario narratives

Walking through the park my PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) tells me that a friend of mine have left a note into this park. Them usually being some kind of short jokes I tell my communicator to play it immediately. Wow, this is a soundbite of a festival held in the park couple of years ago. Best of Kaivopuiston Kansanjuhla 1996. This brings back good memories. Danny was headlining.

I decide to get some food before I go home after work. Walking into the shop, my PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) tells me that my fridge is telling that there is no milk left either. Luckily I told my fridge allways to tell me if there is no milk left and I'm visiting the cornershop.

I don't know if any of my friends are gonna go out tonight but in case they are I'd like them to know where I'am. Still, I can't be bothered to phone them all and tell them. Instead of that I just leave a message to their auditive noticeboards they pass or check otherwise if they are going out tonight. Now, I don't have to call each of them individually. If they want to meet me tonight at the local cafeteria I'll be there from 7-10 pm.

One morning I was sleepily wandering the corridors of my workplace to my very own officeroom. Suddenly my PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) told me that someones left a message to all these doors for everyone who work on the top floor. I guess I should check it out: "Due to the heavy thunder and lightning last night the elevators do not work. Therefore we recommend everyone to take the stairs. We apologise for the inconvenience", damn, the stairs, well luckily I didn't start walking all the way to the elevators. Damn, the stairs.

The usability, potential problems and future parameters of the Auditive Noticeboard.

When would a Auditive Noticeboard be useful?

  • When your messages are connected to a place.
  • When you don't want to or when it is impossibe to do direct phone calls.

In the first case potential users would be people who want to leave messages for people only if they are at some particular place. It would be ideal for short notices (traffic jam or repair work on your way, no more busses coming to the stop, "don't forget the kids darling" etc.) and warnings (wet paint, dangerous area).

The second condition


What are the potential problems (and potential solutions)?

  • Messages can become irritating, especially if repeated (need for filtering).
  • Messages can be distracting if played at wrong time (need for context sensitivity).
  • Messages can be unnoticed if the person who the messages concern does not pass the physical place the messages is left (need for two parallel Auditive Noticeboard -systems: a physical and a virtual. The virtual noticeboard would notice that you are going out, forgetting to pick the kids up after work, etc without you passing the actual place progammed to the physical noticeboard).

The Future Parameters

Plus the General Future Parameters of Audio, essential for this would be a cheap, portable GPS (Global Positioning System) attached to ones PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).

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