Real Time Nightlife/Restaurant Guide (RTRG)

In the following there is scenarios of Real Time Night Life Guide and Real Time Restaurant Guide, they are voicemail based services that make possible for specialists of nightlife and restaurants to leave comments, reviews etc. of the places they visit.

After the scenario-variations we will discuss the usability, potential problems and future parameters of the Real Time Nightlife/Restaurant Guide

I decided to clubbing tonight. Haven't really planned anything. Don't really know what going on where and what the clubs round here generally are like. I decide to check if my PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) that knows my taste preferences has found anything to match them. Seems like Soda and Kerma both have my kind of grooves on the turntables. A friend of mine also seems to recommmend a a new one of club where he is going tonight. I ask for a soundbite and see if anyone there has left any comments of the vibes in there. The club sounds absolutely awful and all the legtimate clubbers I know have filled the mailvoicebox with annoyed messages. I decide to go to Soda, afterall there seems to be no ques, music sounds good, a few people in there have left nice commments of the place into Real Time Nightlife Guide and most of my friends seem to be going there or are allready there.

Walking to the club I set my PDA on Meal Offers mode to see if any restaurants on the way have anything interesting that fits my budget on the menu, not to tlak about free tables. It's gonna be a hell of a night.

Late one ewening I was walking in the park with my chosen one, as we both got really hungry. Couldn't really decide where to go, and since we hadn't eaten out for ages we didn't really know where the food is good. The only thing we could decide was, that we wanted somenthing italian, both being obsessed with olive oil. I called Real Time Restaurant Guide to check out if anyone's providing a Italian Restaurant Guide. Yes, Irma was still doing it. I choose to listen to only the reviews of the highly recommended ones that are still open. La Vista sounds good but expensive. What the hell, if Irma says it's good, it must be suberb.

The Usability, Potential Problems and Future Parameters of the Real Time Nightlife/Restaurant Guide

The Usability

This service works with similar principle as web pages usually do: An individual specialist of some field puts on them information he/she is interested and thinks some people share similar interests. In this case the individual specialist is a restaurant reviewer he does the reviews in an audio form, so that one can listen to them "on the road".

This service could work with many reviewers as well. You could listen to peoples comments about a particular restaurant, or hear what is at hte moment the most popular restaurant/club among young people or so. Potential users would be at least people who read Time Out Eat, Egon Ronay's Guides', City Lehti -restaurant pages, and publications like that.


Potential Problems (and potential solutions).

Why should the user want this service on audio, not to read of a pocket size flexible screen? I can see two reasons for audi here. Being "on the road" reading something requires stopping to read. What comes to listening the same service with an fantastically easy-to-use audio-interface you can move on and listen.


Future Parameters

Plus the General Future Parameters of Audio (in the Futuro page) , essential for this would be a cheap, portable GPS (Global Positioning System) attached to ones PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).


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