Shopping Helper

In the following there is various brief scenarios about Shopping Helper, that is a service for buying goods. It is a updating information service for fonding out where to find ecatly what I want.

After the scenario-variations we will discuss the usability, potential problems and future parameters of Shopping Helper.

I visit Helsinki for the first time, but I've heard there is a few good record stores around. My portable communicator knows I'm into 60's funk and can therefore recommend a few record shops that stock my kinda funky stuff. It tells me how to get there as well. Nice one.

Jalopeños, I forgot to buy jalopeños! And if I'll go home without jalopeños I'm a dead man. Where can I get jalopeños at this time of the night? The shops are closing in 15 minutes. I have to consult my Shopping Helper to see if there are any shops within fifteen minutes reach that stock jalopeños. I type Jalopeños to my Shopping Helper and it gives me a selection of the nearest shops that have the goodies. There seems to be a shop selling them on offer just around the corner. My life is saved!

The usability, potential problems and future parameters of the Shopping Helper

Shopping helper is a service provided through a portable PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). I would be useful for people who are not familiar with the outlets of goods in the place where they are (tourist etc.) and for peopple who know what they wnat and do not want to spend too much time and/or money in getting them (specilist buyers etc.).

The biggest problem here seems to be, that for the Shopping Helper to work the shops should keep a real time updating list that includes the prizes, formats, sizes etc. of their stock. What would prevent them lying in order to get the customer into the shop? Maybe dropping the lyier outside the service if they lay?

General Future Parameters of Audio plus a GPS (Global Positioning System) attached to ones PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) be perfectly enough for this service.