Sonic Sight-Seeing

In the following there are various brief scenarios about Sonic Sight Seeing, which means a service that provides you with different thematic guided tours with illustrating soudscapes to create the athmosphere.

Sonic Sight-Seeing is a virtual trip in the real world. It is both real and unreal. You are physically present at the very place and you see it, but the added to that you get an aural extra. Some of the sounds you hear are virtual while some come from your real surroundings. This demonstrates some of the strongest qualities of aurality: it captures your imagination without capturing all of your attention, it leaves your ather senses free and emphasizes what has been seen.

As a tourist in Helsinki I wanna have a sigth-seeing tour but on my own time and pace. I order standard sightseeing program for my communicator and start my tour, being guided aurally and told why these places I visit are worth visiting and sites worth seing. any time can have a break and take my time. Ican even stop for today and start tomorrow. Or maybe I'll go to Suomenlinna tomorrow with my kids and do the Vikings' Helsinki tour wich is said to have fantastic sound scapes including sounds of signing, fighting and burning houses. It is said to be quite scary too.

Today I'm gonna go canoing up the historical Porvoo river. Kings, Tzars, vikings, fires, wars and revolutions have made this landscape what it is today. To get closer to the historical Porvoo river I ordered a Sonic Sight-Seeing to accompany me on my canoing trip. As I slowly canoe up the river I hear an introduction to it's history, soundscapes of places where history has taken some heavy footsteps and invitations to places of special interest near the river. What an interesting and peaceful way to get familiar with the river's fascinating past.

Dramatized audio version:

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