Scenario: audio mood controller - waking up mode

Sometimes I fancy waking up to music or some natural soundscape, eg. sound of a seashore, with seagulls' shrieks and sound of waves hitting the shoreline. I have set up my audio mood controller (AMC) the night before, so it will start playing the chosen piece of audio material, first smoothly, so the sounds will mix with and effect the dream I'm dreaming. The sounds are gradually played louder and when I finally wake up and reach to press the switch of the AMC, the soundscape is changed eg. to a brisk trumpet melody played by Miles Davis. Now, that's what I call a good start for a day.

If I feel adventurous about my waking up, I am able to choose a random play, so I will wake up to a soundscape chosen from a set of my previous favourites or to a completely new 'waking up mood' sent to me by a friend whom I have given my AMC password. Of course my AMC will filter those sounds out I do not want to wake up with, eg. monotonous drill 'n bass sound experience. There is also an option to let my AMC to browse soundscapes of people who have used similar waking up moods as me. This is done using the Net and AMC's 'matching the soundscapes capacity' which has several attributes in matching, eg. date of birth, taste for music, taste for food, nationality, whether I am living in a rural or urban area, and so on.

audio version:

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