Subprojects of the research, stand alone collections of different qualitative materials gathered, workshops and collections of tematic interviews and scenarios.


Studies of everyday life and the positive and negative potentials of technology. We have explored ways to discuss everyday life with people, and their hopes and dreams about the future.

The scenarios in this city explore an arrange of different possibilities. Visit the funny city and hear the comments the people gave (mostly in finish).

Asumisen Arki ja Unelmat.
At home today tomorrow, explores ways to talk with people about not yet existant technologies with the help of contextualized scenarios.

100 kotia (100 homes)
A corpus of data around Fininish homes, 100 kotia explores everyday life from a home point of view.

The User of the Future - A manual
What kinds of assumptions about user are there when building the concept for products of the future?

Arkipäivän Kartta
A map of everyday life built with input from the people, Arki reveals small annoyances and suggestions for improvement.

KotiMedia Kioski
Visit the kiosk and listen to stories about relationships to home appliances.

The use of audio, its possibilities and challenges, scenarios of future audio applications.

How it is possible to influence? Are people interested on influencing?

Living with technology
Tematic interviews around the issues of living with technology and expectations and fears about the future.

Creative City
Tematic interviews exploring the components of "third place" dramaturgy in city planning. Issues for the future.

Catalogue of puzzles in our mind
Compiled by Mika Ilari Koskinen and Teriina Lindblom

A collection of future scenarios from the industry and others (unfortunately not public).

MA Projects

A number of MA final projects from UIAH students (Media lab, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design) and from students from other Universities (HUT, JH, etc.) have been part of the process. Some of these projects are already finished and some are still under development.

The space (at home) as a central concept in the design of interfaces for virtual environments.

Exploring the possibilities of self-made media (ongoing)

Consumeter is a scenario of an information tool. It helps people to choose products according their predetermined criteria's.

Reality layers- Minäviritin / Selftuner -
Layers to explore the virtual world from YOUR perspective (ongoing)

Children as inspiration, sandbox is a framework for a digital sandbox and the digital things it could contain.

Media on the move
A society of components to carry your media on the move

Kokemuksellinen, pragmaatinen ja viiteryhmään asemmoitu seinäkoristesuhde30:n kodin seinäkoristemaailmat distinktioteoreettisessa viitekehyksessä

Design Fiction

The following projects form part of the multidisciplinary Design Fiction study project , carried out during 1998 and 1999. The results were also displayed in a DF99 exhibition in may of 1999 at Lasipalatsi here in Helsinki.

Students 99-01


Can-go explores the possibilities of a network that could enable people to share their transportation means. (ongoing)

A tool to enhance scenario creation with the help of ideas from young people.

Truth Expander


Girls Friendship Tyttöjen Välisestä Ystävyydestä



DesignIdeas for Music experience in the future (ongoing)

Students 97

Study project arranged by the FMH in 1997 , it was offered for students of the MA in New Media as well as from other departments of UIAH.

FMH 97 study project pages

Workshops and seminars arranged

Thematic workshops and expert interviews have been carried out extensively in order to broaden the discussion, have as much voices heard as possible and disseminate the results.

FMH workshop 1997 (Media Lab)
A warm up discussion and introduction to the objectives of the research. (for internal use only)

DesignFiction workshop 1998 (Media Lab)
One week clash workshop exploring the possibilities of creating designFiction stories. This was carried out before the study project, about 40 people took part. (FMH team)

Design Fiction 99, At home today, tomorrow (Lasipalatsi)
An exhibition open to the general public featuring students' and researchers' projects. in the Nykyaika stage just in the center of Helsinki. (DesignFiction students + FMH team)

FMH workshop 1999 (Fiskars)
An international workshop on future design. The aim was to bring together an interdisciplinary community of researchers interested in studying the positive potential of a well designed future. (students + FMH team)

FMH Kesäleiri 2000 (Lasipalatsi)
Summer camp in the Nykyaika stage at lasipalatsi. These event hosted roundtable discussions with guests and spontaneous visitors around topics like: consumption, memories and traces, everydaylife, media, home, information. The topic were discussed in their relation with the digital platform that is being created, how can we influence the development? and things to consider. (info mostly in finish) - (FMH team)

Cumulus Workshop 2000 (Lume)
A 1 day workshop for the Cumulus community around the topic of "Design for the digital age" and its implications for design education. (FMH team)

Presentations, etc

A comprehensive list of publications and presentations related to the different components of the project is available here.

Online reports: