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and exploring the concepts

More than collecting data and "researching users" this phase of the project was related to:

    - Experimenting with hybrid methodologies (Combining traditional Design tools with others borrowed from cognitive sciences and social sciences)
    - Adapting them to the particular conditions of working with children and DesignFiction, meaning "user inspired" 
    - Documenting and using the data in a meaningful way.


MI CASITA: Spanish speaking Kindergarten: This allowed relatively free access to a small group of children from a range of different ages.
- My familiarity with the language was an important benefit. -
MANKKA ILTAKERHO: Finish speaking day care for children in school age The centre focuses on activities for children after the school day while their parents are still at work. It provided an inside look at a different and larger age group.
FAMILIES:Homes allowed to observ family interactions and children’s private environments.

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  • LEARNING FROM USERS (making them real)
The process of gathering information and interacting with the users during the observation period and the concept experimentation mainly focuses on discovering and collecting information that supports the hypothesis and made the users "real" to me. 
More than a cognitive approach, the search and analysis focuses on relevant activities that could be transcended and projected into the Toolkit (the framework for the digital sandbox). This part could also be develop into a set of "ideas" or "points to consider" in the development of the future product "components".
"it's really easy to forget WHAT IT'S like being a child"

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