Siella sun tällä

/ Mervi Alaluusua / Liisa Ilomäki / Harri Myllyniemi
summer 1999


Vieraita tulossa! Täytyy siivota! Ehei, näytät kotisi ja itsesi vieraille sellaisena kuin haluat. Tulevaisuuden kodissa voit seurustella ystäviesi kanssa olivatpa he sitten missä hyvänsä - jos heitä huvittaa. Yhteydenpitoon suoraa ja yksinkertaista minne tahansa. Et tarvitse "puhelinta" tai "tietokonetta": kotisi on väline.

An installation for the DF exhibition

describes the possibilities the future offers everyone: A chance to determine the kind of media material one's personal digital"assistant" is supposed to receive.

  • The levels of private and public: how one chooses to present oneself. How the opposite party chooses to present itself. Exchanging roles and fictitious lives as the games and play of the adult.
  • Changing communities: future communities that will form around mutual interests rather than locations.
  • Technology that will be more transparent and everywhere, easy to use and intelligent, "intelligence" based on the moves and choices of its users

The stage of HereAndThere was made from Alli's living room.

Alli's data communication centre is an intelligent wall in her living room. She saves her favourite messages and keeps them on display on the big screen (especially those sent by grandchildren). Smaller screens are for her everyday messages. Alli's personal assistant informs her about deleted messages, reminds her about important chores, files interesting data and so on.Touching the screen opens Alli's messages and one can see her memories on display.

The visitor was presented with a view of the future through the eyes of the old woman. Furthermore, three on-line discussions and expert panels took place during the exhibition Design Fiction exhibition in lasipalatsi (June 1999)

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