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CARPEDIEM, me and my media


Carpediem is a set of 2 scenarios describing the possibility of a personal agent that could listen constantly to all statements produced by its owner. What could possibly be the application of such possibility? What kinds of things I will like to record? which ones I will value as important, interesting information? What could it be use for?

In the scenario the practical application relates to the managment and recall of personal media, specifically music. It is assumed that the programing of the agent is done by natural language and that statements like "I like this one", "this is a nice song", etc. can act as triggers for the saving process of the agent. In this case it is just those kinds of statements I will like to associate with my music taste the ones that get "saved" and program the saving process which is done by the agent without any other further instructions by its owner.

In this Scenario CARPEDIEM refers to the stream of instants that the agent captures and the information it associates with that instant (as an example when Antonia states that she likes the song, this one is linked to available data as singer, year of production, weather it cost or not, etc.) producing this way collections of valuable memories from the point of view of Antonia.

For the case of music an additional community network environment is available in the form of a service called "Music freacks & co" that could act as resource for Antonia and her agent. Long forgotten instants are also part of the agent's realms, Antonia is able to recall her musical taste at the age of 5 and reflect on its influence in career choice.

The scenarios are made as shockwave files. Make sure you have the appropriate plug in and a good internet connection speed. Thanks for browsing!

Andrea Botero / Kesäleiri / 2000