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Cyborg or Godess...?

Extracts from the interviews.

Story 1

“I can’t understand the fuss”, says Olga, 29 year mother of 2, when asked about this issue. “I am happy with my set of extensions, since personal interfaces became common place it is easy to handle my digital mess, sometimes I wear just my hearpiece and the rings with my e-money codes, that's about what I need to get my consumeter to work.,My P-agent has less problems now a days making sure the connectivity works, and I am more busy with my children since they study at home, so I dont bother him very often.

Mmm...biochips? I dont know...why not? but they have to behave as smooth as my actual personal thingies do... plus I am not completly confident my agent could handle those implants, it would be a mess if not !”. For Olga and many others this seems to be the “big” concern, more than issues around intrusive body parts, it seems priority is given to ensure that “if” they become available agents are able to handle and coordinate them as much as they do with physical thingies.

Story 2

“Well... interesting question, I kind of feel my personal interfaces already behave like that, they are as part of me as my right hand, I can’t simply live with out the REALITY LAYERS in my glasses or SIRU telling me were I left my keys.. will those biochips require me to eat. more? I am on a diet now adays !!!”

Whether the problem is actually how “healthy will they be” or if they deteriorate with time, biochips have spurred people’s imagination and concerns, when asked about how she will imagine communicating with an internal bio-calory messuring unit, Angela (in the picture) said she actually does not use the one her HELMI comes with, “its an interesting feature, maybe for diabetics... I still rely on my husband’s eye for that... I guess I will eat more ice cream if the implants start to bother about my weight, Ice cream is always good to improve one’s mood”.

What would the future of biochips bring? Manufactures promise to free people from devices, what is next? Are you interested?

What will be your opinion??

abc / june 2000 / Kesäleiri