What kind of Future? Some of the themes explored.


Building blocks

This collection of future premises were intended to establish a common set of underlying assumptions concerning the conditions of the future for the FMH community (KHK -1998).

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Components of the inqury

Media at home?

The impact of technology development from the perspective of everyday life touches many issues such as : privacy, freedom, management. Explore some of this relationships with this cathalogue.
(compiled by M. Koskinen and T. Lindblom)

Scenarios to talk about the future:

  • Asumisen arki ja unelmat (At home today, tomorrow):
    This set of 12 open-ended, basic FMH scenarios describe life and future conditions from many perspectives. Some of the scenarios are based more on home, some on broader environment (e.g. suburb), they are open to discussion and development.

Other Scenario examples:

This sample of scenarios are taken from the different subprojects of the research, and from some of the students' study projects.