Workshop in participatory scenario development
November 2000
(dates confirmed later, dependent on informant recruitment processes)

The workshop can be attended separately as a crash course and quick exercise of scenario-making and user involvment. You can also use it as a part of your project work and/or Design Method Practicum-course.

The workshop is connected to FMH research activities in our perceptions of a digital future and more specifically to an ongoing project on the expectations and views of average tenants on home and housing in the future.

The workshop will adress questions like

• what will the future of the digital domain be like?
• what do we want and how could we get it?
• whose ”voice” is heard in the designs for the future?
• if people don’t know what they want: how to help them?

The workshop consists of lectures, discussions, team-work and exercises

We will offer:
1. Building blocks for a digital future
2. Future living? The everyday and dreams: project with tenants of a rental housing corporation
3. Dreamtelling: interaction with ”dreamers”. Hear what people want...

Your contribution:
Scenarios for the dreamers (presentation, discussion, feedback from the informants)